How to get along well with pets

Nowadays, keeping pets is not only a fashion, but also a kind of spiritual sustenance. Many people even treat their pets as family members. However, while their souls are comforted, they are also in a dilemma: There are frequent cases of illnesses caused by pets around them, so whether to raise them or not? So, what diseases can pets bring? How can we get along with these "special family members" in harmony and health?

People's biggest worry about pets is that they are afraid of getting Toxoplasma gondii. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite, it can infect any warm-blooded animal on the earth, and then cause toxoplasmosis. But don’t panic, because Toxoplasma can only reproduce sexually in cats, while it can only reproduce asexually in other warm-blooded animals, staying in your body "indefinitely".   Because Toxoplasma gondii cannot complete its life cycle in the human body, we can be regarded as "intermediate hosts" at best. The incidence of human toxoplasmosis is low, because people will not be infected under normal resistance conditions, unless the immune system is severely damaged, or special groups such as pregnant women, infants and young children. Once such people are infected, their brain nerves will be affected. The teratogenic rate of Toxoplasma gondii is extremely high, so once a pregnant woman finds Toxoplasma gondii in her body, doctors usually do not recommend keeping the child.

1.Precautions for keeping pets
2.Intimacy should also be a degree