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Breeds of pet cats

The breed of pet cats. Pet cats are a perfect animal. They are very cute, like to live independently, do not depend on their owners, and are loved by many people. All cats are naturally noble, and they are very docile. Animals like dogs need to be domesticated. What are the breeds of pet cats? 1.Scottish Fold 2.Japanese Bobtail 3.British shorthair cat 4.Non-purebred cat 5.Curly cat 6.Egyptian cat 7.Isle of Man 8.American Shorthair 9.Havana Cat 10.Singapore cat 11.Russian blue cat 12.Siamese cat 13.European Shorthair 14.Burmese cat 15.Corlette 16.California shiny cat 17.Canadian Hairless Cat

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The ten most common diseases in dogs

Now the dog is regarded as a member of the family. If the dog is sick, the owner will be more anxious. Now let’s take a look at the ten most common diseases in dogs. Can consciously take some preventive measures in the usual feeding process. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to certain diseases, so pay more attention to them.    1. Eye diseases: Straight-eyed Shih Tzu, Pugs, Bulldogs, etc. are prone to inverted eyelashes. Sharpei's head is more wrinkled, and the eyelids are easily turned inward. The white VIPs, Bichon, and Hiromi are prone to blockage of their tear ducts, but there are two obvious tear marks.    2. Respiratory diseases: short-nosed Beijing, Xishi, Pago, Boxing Lion, etc.,...

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How to get along well with pets

Nowadays, keeping pets is not only a fashion, but also a kind of spiritual sustenance. Many people even treat their pets as family members. However, while their souls are comforted, they are also in a dilemma: There are frequent cases of illnesses caused by pets around them, so whether to raise them or not? So, what diseases can pets bring? How can we get along with these "special family members" in harmony and health? People's biggest worry about pets is that they are afraid of getting Toxoplasma gondii. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite, it can infect any warm-blooded animal on the earth, and then cause toxoplasmosis. But don’t panic, because Toxoplasma can only reproduce sexually in cats, while it can...

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